Reasons Why High-rise Apartments Are a Good Investment


The number of high-rise apartments has been climbing up in Australia this year. In fact, the trend is easily evident in statistics, which report that two high-rise residential apartments are being raised for each five-detached residential unit. So let's take a look at what's making high-rise apartments so popular.


Perks of high-rise apartments


Given the fast-paced modern lifestyle, a high-rise residential space can serve as the perfect getaway that is high up and away from the atmosphere of a busy city. At the same time, high-rise apartments also usually tend to be located in central business districts, which mean that inhabitants get to appreciate the best of both worlds. Again, you can't fault a high-rise apartment that offers excellent views of the city below and what more could you ask for when you enjoy your cup of coffee every morning? The ventilation is also much better in high-rise apartments, so it's a win-win situation any which way you look at it.


The opportunities for socialisation are much greater in high-rise residential apartments that have multiple residential units, as opposed to detached single residential outfits. These apartments bring a diverse set of inhabitants together in a small community, allowing them to mingle with new social circles every day. It is also a secure residence and does not entail exclusive maintenance requirements, as one would experience in the case of their detached residential counterparts. Most high-rise apartment complexes today also come complete with dedicated gyms, swimming pools and other recreational spaces, and inhabitants do not have to go outside the residential campus to appreciate these facilities.


Hiring the right building designer for a high-rise apartment design


High-rise apartment design does not have to be as expensive as you imagine. In fact, it all comes down to where you go looking from start to completion. Architects and most building designers charge a percentage of construction cost, but building design professionals like Empire Designs can bring down the associated expenses by 50 to 75 percent. We are located in Brisbane but have worked on projects throughout Australia including Sydney & Melbourne. If you have qualified design professionals such as Empire Designs on your side then you are in a great position to capitalise on this booming apartment market.