1.Renovate & Hold vs Renovate & Sell. Work out your strategy and what you would like to achieve from your renovation. It is important that the increase in capital value of the finished property is more than the cost of renovation.

2.Research. What style of home design would you like? Contemporary, Traditional, Heritage? There are many styles of home designs to think about. Drive around your local area and make notes. There are also endless photos on the internet to have a look at if you are still unsure. If you need examples of our work we have house designs and house plans available.

3.Budget. It is important to have a budget in mind. Empire design & drafting prices are not based on the client’s budget like other companies. Our expert staff can give you an idea of whether your project is financially possible on the budget available. Without a budget it is difficult to create the perfect & realistic renovation concept.

4.Obtain a copy of the existing floor plans if possible. Contact Brisbane city council. (07) 3403 8888.

5.Contact Empire Design & Drafting for a quote. All requests are completed within 24 hours.

6.Upon accepting the quote for architectural drafting/building design services we will make a time that suits you to meet on site. If you were unable to find a copy of the existing home building plans then one of our draftsman/draftswomen will spend approximately 1 hour to measure the property. We will then discuss your renovation wish list.

7.Private certifier. You will need a private certifier to approve your completed drawings before construction can take place. Certifiers can offer professional guidance in building & development needs and it is worthwhile to hire one as soon as possible.

8.After discussing the concept with your building designer he/she will check local authority requirements & create a set of preliminary house plans. This is the best time to discuss any further ideas you may have so that you will be happy with the final house design.

9.Consultants. Depending on the scale & complexity of the project, further consultants may be required. Your building designer will be able to guide you in what is required. Eg : Structural engineer or surveyor.

10.After agreeing on a final design the documentation process may begin. If an engineer was required then the building designer will be working in conjunction to ensure a quality product is achieved.

11.Once the architectural drawings are complete along with any necessary consultants drawings than it will be time to submit to the private certifier for approval.

12.Construction begins.