Living It Up In The High Rise Apartments Of Brisbane


Once upon a time, high rise apartments or apartments in general, were the domain of single people and young couples, especially in Australia. However, things have changed now and apartments have started to see an influx of families. The number of families living in apartments has increased significantly in the recent past, which has led to a boom in the market. In fact, statistics indicate that 11,000 new apartments were approved in Brisbane alone, last year.


So, why is everybody opting for high rise apartments now? Well, truth be told, the reasons are many. For instance, head of research for RP Data, Tim Lawless, states that multiple factors including personal preference and housing affordability are driving the market for high rise apartments. Independent housing is just too expensive for the average Australian. A median house in Sydney now costs well over $800,000 and $600,000 in Melbourne.


Apart from these factors, here are a few more benefits that residents claim are the reasons why they chose apartments.


Proximity to the city


Apartments are generally built in the city, which is one of the reasons why a lot of families choose apartments in Brisbane now. A close proximity to the city automatically translates to shorter commutes, entertainment options all around you, things to do, and places to see. One apartment resident in Brisbane loves the fact that her apartment is right in front of a park, where she gets to spend time with her children every day.


Social reasons


Some apartment residents actually claim that living in an apartment has improved their social lives. They get to stay close to their neighbours and friends.




Most moderate to high end high rises come with a ton of amenities. Apartment residents get access to gyms, swimming pools, and even, children’s nurseries. In fact, some exclusive high rise apartments offer way more than the average set of amenities. For instance, such apartments have been known to have entire shopping complexes and entertainment venues within the property.


Easy maintenance


When it comes to maintaining an independent house, residents are forced to manage things on their own. However, apartments have associations with elected members (usually, residents themselves) or property managers to take care of all that.


Customer options


Gone are the days when apartments were designed according to the developer’s wishes. Today, developers are most willing to accommodate customer demands. For instance, you can choose how your apartment looks and it doesn’t necessarily have to match the other apartments in the building.

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