Modern Brisbane Home Designs

If you are dreaming of building your new home in the beautiful city of Brisbane, who will be better to help you begin your journey than Empire Design & Drafting. Together with you and your family, we can envision every modern element in your contemporary house plan that is practical and complements your lifestyle.

The design team at Empire Designs & Drafting has work experience across a wide range of modern residential projects in Brisbane and other parts of Australia. In fact we specialise in Brisbane home designs and undertake concept design, interior design, documentation approval, marketing of drawings (3D Perspectives) and several other services.

Contemporary design ideas for your Brisbane home

Below are some ideas for modern Brisbane home designs:

1. Open Houses

Open, flowing homes are becoming extremely popular as several homeowners are building more spacious houses by getting rid of walls and also minimizing the number of separate rooms. For your Brisbane home design, you can consider an open house plan as well. Some of its advantages include:

  • Better lighting: Open homes encourage a greater amount of light to enter your space and keep the home naturally lit.
  • Illusion of more space: Open homes have lesser walls cutting off the space and this gives the illusion of greater spaces.

2.  Single or multi-storey homes

There are pros and cons of each kinds of home designs. Single-story houses are best for the elderly and young families. They do not have any balconies or stairs, so there are minimal chances of any injuries from tripping/slipping. 

Multi-story homes can provide greater separation between your dining and living spaces, and the bedrooms. This particular Brisbane home design is perfect for those who like to host parties or entertain guests and family and require privacy. Another advantage of multi-story home designs is that you get a greater amount of storage space.

3. Color Scheme

Working on your Brisbane home design can be an exciting idea. Color scheme is in fact one of the most crucial points when designing your new home. Pick colors that complement your taste and personality and are also evergreen and classy.

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