Tips to Re-Design your Office Building

The workforce in modern offices is becoming increasingly diverse and therefore new design ideas and office layouts are needed to allow greater productivity at work. If you are thinking about making changes to your existing office design, it is best to consult a professional and get sample layouts made, instead of blindly plunging into the task of re-designing.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

1. Ensure office layout matches work style

Think about your company and what your business is all about? Does it involve creativity? Is it related to technical things like engineering? The idea of your new office layout should be born out of your core business. This means the work style and office design must complement each other.

Talk to your designer and discuss different aspects such as

  • Whether your company emphasizes on individual accomplishments or teamwork and
  • If your business requires good communication

It is also vital to consider the seniority and age of those working at your office. The objective is to design a space, which is suitable for everyone working in the company so that they can enjoy, feel comfortable, and be productive.

2. Managing zones

Zoning is basically the process of identifying different elements in your existing office space and figuring out how you can fit them in different zones. This means deciding where to place the common work rooms, meeting rooms, private offices, break rooms, idea rooms and so on. This placing will primarily depend on the relationship between different zones with respect to functionality.

3. Recreation space

Research suggests that having a space, which allows employees to take a break and recharge themselves in between work hours is extremely important. It also works in favor of the company. You can think about creating an open space where workers can enjoy playing games, relax and listen to music or just take a nap.

4. Natural light

Often the provision of natural light is overlooked when designing or re-designing an office space. However, it needs to be one of the major considerations while working with the layout. Professional designers suggest that natural light has a big impact on productivity. It offers a broader color spectrum, allowing workers to focus on details while working. Discuss the idea of French windows with your designer when deciding on the layout.

Follow these tips to re-design your office space and make it more work-friendly!