Financially Viable Granny Flats in Brisbane


Granny flats help to keep your family together. A granny flat is an independent unit located next to a single family house. Granny flats are usually constructed to accommodate aging parents. Most of these units will have a complete kitchen, but some will only have a fridge or a microwave. The advantages of granny flats for grandparents is that they will be living close to their family; they can spend quality time with their grandchildren. The family members can monitor their health as well. The disadvantage of granny flats is that some grandparents might feel that they do not have enough privacy and independence.


Challenges in building a granny flat in Brisbane


There are certain rules and regulations that have to be taken care of before building a granny flat; zoning laws, neighborhood covenants, building restrictions, municipal statutes, and so on. It is relatively easy to convert a garage or other existing buildings in the premise, than building a new one. Building a new one is more expensive as well.


Advantages of granny flats


Adding a granny flat to your property adds value to the property. There are people looking to buy houses in Brisbane, that already has a granny flat. Since they do not want to go through the legal hassles of building a new one, they would pay good price for such properties. You can also rent a granny flat in Brisbane, if the laws and regulations in your area permit it. In such cases, it will be a steady income for the house owner.


Aged people may not want to sell their house and move to a retirement home, as they are already familiar with their surroundings. Granny flats in Brisbane is the perfect solution for such people.


Nowadays, a granny flat is not just a simple building. You can construct a beautiful and luxurious building in Brisbane for your grandparents.


Adding or building a granny flat is not an easy task. Doing it properly will add value to your property, as well as, help your parents to live out the rest of their lives in peace. So it is always better to let professional builders and designers like Empire Designs do it for you. We will take care of the legalities, design the flat as per your specifications, all within your budget. Empire Design and Drafting are building designers who can help you to add or build a granny flat that is financially viable. For more information, visit our website