Empire Complete Solution

New Homes

Design Stage


  1. Site Survey
  2. Architectural Concept Design & Drafting for Development Application
  3. FREE Cost Estimation based on Prelim Design
    from our Top 3 New Home Expert Building Partners.
  4. Statement of Environmental Effects -
  5. Submission to Council
  6. Soil Test
  7. Structural Engineering
  8. Architectural Design & Drafting for Building Approval or Construction Certificate
  9. Energy Efficiency Assessments
  10. FREE Builder Quote Service - from our
    Top 3 New Home Expert Building Partners.
  11. FREE Certifier Quote Service
  12. FREE Project Advice Service for both you and the builder through construction

Other Additional Services we can add to any of our package’s,

  1. Town Planner
  2. Interior Designer 
  3. Landscape Designer
  4. Civil & Stormwater Engineer
  5. Mechanical Engineer
  6. Electrical Engineer
  7. Hydraulic Engineer
  8. Traffic Management 
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